Do you know who your innovators are?

How do leaders find and engage internal innovators & intrapreneurs?

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75% of decision makers say innovation is a top 3 priority.
80% of the workforce reports being disengaged.
Something doesn't add up.

How do leaders spot innovators and create environments where they thrive?

Organizations spend tremendous resources finding and hiring the best, most qualified people. Globally, though, up to 85% of employees report being disengaged. Internal innovators express a disconnect: They feel they do not fit in current organizational cultures and seek environments where they’re able to use a fuller range of expertise and energies.

How can we measure the gap between current working practices and the desired environment so leaders can close the gap? Inspired by Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations, 131 respondents at Deutsche Bahn illustrated that evolutionary paradigms can assist leaders to clearly visualize that gap and identify intrinsically motivated individuals.

Check out Deutsche Bahn’s results in CERN’s IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation on how to find, measure, and unleash your innovation potential.

How Innovation Profile Programs Work

Step 1
Administer Innovation Profile
Step 2
APOGEO charts results and produces report
Step 3
Leadership Debrief
Step 4
Custom Roadmap & Program Design
Step 5
Ongoing Innovation Program Delivery
Step 6
Ongoing Innovation Program Delivery

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